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All of our trips are hand selected and devised to be wildly entertaining and exotic and hand tailored to satisfy our interesting and creative clients. These are small group adventures and made for healthy and adventurous travelers. There are few restrictions and travelers are free to go off on their own or stay with the group as they please. Clients will be briefed beforehand about the local etiquette, dangers and annoyances, and about how to get the best from the experience.


MONDO WORLD ADVENTURES is pleased to partner with THE ULTIMATE TRIP and offer a unique transformative experience in Brasil with philosopher, psychological anthropologist, inspirational speaker and transformational coach NICK JANKEL.

Ultimate Trip experiences are designed for the discerning, independent traveller. They are part transformational cultural adventure and part spiritual retreat. They are focused on a specially curated selection of unique cultural experiences designed to build towards profound transformations inside us by the end of the trip.

Each morning we meet to set intentions for the day and engage in a relaxed meditation with the group. This is optional.

Each evening we come together to share insights from our cultural experiences and engage in peer-to-peer work to integrate it inside.

We focus on setting up the right conditions for individuals to experience transformation and deep interconnection through festivities and celebrations, wisdom traditions, art forms, spiritual rituals and more.

The cohesion, interconnection and intentionality of the group is more important than the itinerary, which will always remain fluid, with plenty of choice around accommodation, travel options and adventures to suit all.

Week 1: Crystal healing in Alto Paraiso deGoias, Sacred Medicine Festival, Modernist Magic in Brasilia

We start with a visit to see the beauty of Oscar Niemeyer’s work in Brasilia - including modernist cathedrals and more. We will mix the sharp angles of roofs of the City with a walk along the canopy on top of the rain forest.

Then we move to Alto Paraiso - The Brazilian Capital of the Third Millennium. In this town there are more than 40 mystical, philosophical, and religious groups. According to legend the fact that latitude 14, which crosses the legendary city of Machu Picchu, in Peru, also crosses Alto Paraíso, has caused appearances of flying saucers and extraterrestrials.

Core to this week is to connect with our resonant essence in the crystal mines of the UNESCO world heritage site Chaoada Dos Veaderios. Here we will mix connecting with the minerals of the Earth with dips in the stimulating and stunning waterfalls.

The highlight of this week is to participate in the sacred music festival, 'The Gathering For World Peace’. This Festival introduces a variety of traditions of Ayahuasca and the Native American Church, in several different rituals, and the Ayahuasca Visionary Art from Peru. The festival includes a “Feitio” (the making of ayahuasca) for us to participate in, and see how this sacred medicine is made.

Week 2: Finding Our Rhythm & Lust for Life in Rio

After settling in Rio we will head towards Santa Teresa, an historic village within Rio that is full of artists and musicians and life lived the way things used to be.

Then it is time to experience the vibrancy and humility of life in the favela. Our focus is to visit a samba school in the run up to carnival. We will join thousands of locals as we gyrate and move around the dancefloor, perhaps getting a samba lesson or two from the locals.

We will have an opportunity to study percussion, with lessons in a number of different drumming styles: zabumba, pandeiro, symphonic percussion and others. We can celebrate this experience in the clubs and parties of Lapa.

Then we will head to Ipanema Beach at dawn to catch a lesson or two from a Capoeira master. The dance cum martial art of capoeira holds powerful historical lessons for processing aggression and oppression and is a wonderful practice for engaged meditation in the world. Alternately we can experience what it is like playing volleyball on the beach, getting a lesson from the kids who have perfected the art.

Then it's back to the favela to meet former drug dealers and street kids who have been inspired and encouraged by the hard work of local leaders and are helping local children rebuild their inner and outer worlds. Here we will help out and do whatever we can to contribute with our combined skills.

We may also have the privilege of attending a sacred ceremony run by Carioca, a brilliant jazz musician and shamen. If we have time and access, we’ll also check out a Santo Diame ceremony and go knee deep into the mysterious ‘black magic’ of Macumba and Candomble with spirit possession and trance.

Nick Jankel is an extreme traveller, philosopher, psychological anthropologist, inspirational speaker and transformational coach and teacher. He calls himself an architect of human development and collective imagination, designing and developing experiential ways to engage us in transformation.

At 18, Nick spent a year in rural Africa, and it changed his views on life forever, prompting him to study psychology, anthropology and the world’s wisdom traditions for half a lifetime. Now, almost 20 years later, he has spent his adult life traveling the world for answers to all of our emotional, spiritual and psychological challenges.

Since then he has been a fiercely independent traveller since 18 and has explored the mystical, shamanic and spiritual best of whatever country he has found himself in. Nick has travelled the world many times over researching culture, trends and psychological mindsets for many of the world’s most innovative companies.

He holds a triple 1st Class Degree in Philosophy and Medicine from Cambridge University. His transformative ideas have found their way to Prime Ministers, White House leaders and Fortune 500 Chief Executives right through to billionaires and gang members in Africa. He is deeply passionate about the role transformational psychological experiences can play in building a better global system - and is committed to bringing as many as possible, via different media and different technology platforms, to the general public.

Nick also writes for The Guardian and The Financial Times on the power of ideas to change the world.

Find out more about Nick here.