Deposit: $1000 per person to assure your place. (Remainder due three weeks before departure.)

October/November/or December, 2011

MONDO WORLD ADVENTURE: BRASIL 2011 with NICK JANKEL costs: ONLY $1998 per person. (This price will increase as we get closer to departure.)


MONDO WORLD ADVENTURE: MALAYSIA THAIPUSAM 2010 costs: ONLY $1495 per person. (This price will increase as we get closer to departure.)


MONDO WORLD ADVENTURE: INDIA - THE KUMBH MELA 2010 costs: ONLY $1995 per person. (This price will increase as we get closer to departure.)


MONDO WORLD ADVENTURE: UKRANIAN EDITION - THE RUINS OF CHERNOBYL 2020 costs: ONLY $2195 per person (This price will increase as we get closer to departure)

JUNE 20TH TO JUNE 27TH, 2010

MONDO WORLD ADVENTURES: SOUTH EAST ANATOLIA EDITION - TURKEY AND SYRIA 2010 costs: ONLY $2195 per person (This price will increase as we get closer to departure)

SEPT 10TH - SEPT 20TH , 2010

MONDO WORLD ADVENTURES: WEST AFRICA EDITION - JOURNEY TO TIMBUKTU 2010 costs: ONLY $2495 per person (This price will increase as we get closer to departure)


Tour Fee Includes (NOT APPLICABLE FOR BRASIL 2011):

Accommodations - generally 2 or 3 star quality, exceptions will be made when conditions necessitate. Sometimes adventure travel encompassing grand events or unexpected circumstances so we may have to endure occasional hardships or lesser accommodations or have to relocate to nearby outlying areas. Best efforts will be made to assure comfort.
Group Meals - when we dine as a group, private eating arrangements are not covered.
Transportation - within country. Hired or local buses, taxis or trains, when used to reach destinations in itinerary.
Round trip airport/hotel transfers - by private air-conditioned vehicles if available.
All transfers, sightseeing and excursions - by private air-conditioned vehicles if available.
Assistance on arrival and departure at country of destination

Tour Fee Does Not Include:

Airfare - and other travel expenses from home to country of tour.
Airport departure taxes.
Visa fees
Meals - or beverages other than those stated in itinerary.
Any items of personal nature - such as laundry, telephone calls, travel insurance, health insurance, etc.
Tips and gratuities - to representatives, drivers, guides, and bellboys at hotels.
Entrance fees to monuments.
Any increases in airfares, entrance fees and government-imposed taxes.
Still camera or video camera fees at the various monuments and museums.
Anything not specifically mentioned in the itineraries above.


CONDITIONS OF BOOKING: Payment of deposits or full amount for participation in the Mondo World Adventure Tour ("Tour") from person registering for Tour ("Tour participant") constitutes full agreement with the terms and conditions mentioned below.

WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY: Mondo World Adventures, and their representatives ("the Tour Organizers"), including Elite Personal Travel Services are making all arrangements pertaining to domestic travel within the country of tour, including hotel reservations, transportation and tour operation, subject to the condition that the Tour Organizers will not be held liable to delay, theft, damage, injury, terrorism, death, or irregularities, however caused. The Tour Organizers will take no responsibility or liability for: 1. any changes or delays in air schedules, missed airline or other carrier connections, or other services. 2. injury, loss, or damage to persons or property, including luggage. 3. additional expenses resulting from changes in exchange rates, tariffs, or itinerary. 4. defect in any vehicle or the act or default of any company or person engaged in conveying the Tour participants, or in carrying out the arrangements of the Tour, or otherwise. 5. additional expenses incurred or due to sudden sickness, weather conditions, strikes, war, terrorism, quarantine or other causes or acts of God. 6. losses due to cancellations. 7. changes in the tour itinerary. 8. physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual injury as the result of participating in the Tour. 9. disappointment or dissatisfaction about the Tour.

CHANGES IN ITINERARY: The Tour Organizers reserve the right to make any changes that may become necessary in the best interest of the operation of the Tour, with or without advance notice.

NO GUARANTEES: There is no guarantee, stated or implied, made by the Tour Organizers, regarding any aspect of the Tour. Complaints about the Tour will not result in any partial or full refund. There is no guarantee, stated or implied, regarding: 1. the number of participants or the age of participants taking the Tour. 2. the amount of time that any specific guides will be personally leading the Tour. 3. the time spent at any given location on the Tour. 4. photos posted on this website or visiting any specific sites shown on photos on this website. 5. any other aspect of the Tour.

RATES: The Tour Organizers reserves the right to adjust the rates and also to substitute accommodations. Quoted rates are only valid for period specified.

ROOMMATES: Rooms are most often double occupancy. If any Tour participant does not have a specific roommate, the Tour Organizers will attempt to match that Tour participant with a roommate. However, the Tour Organizers cannot guarantee that a roommate will be found. If no roommate is found, then the single-room supplement must be paid by the Tour participant. If the Tour Organizers match the participant with a roommate whom the Tour participant deems unsuitable, then the Tour participant must pay for the single supplement for him or herself and also for the unsuitable roommate. There will be no refunds for complaints about roommates, and if any Tour participant cancels the Tour because of a roommate, there will be no refund.

TOUR FEE INCLUDES: 1. Accommodation in shared rooms with two beds at 2 or 3 star hotels or hotels of similar category, as available at the time that hotels are booked. In cases of peak travel seasons or areas, accommodations will be in hotels of the category available at the time of registration. 2. Transfers and sightseeing by coaches, by taxi, by jeep, by private car, or by motorized rickshaw. 3. Transportation within country as stated in itinerary. 4. The services of our representative at all airport transfers. 5. Expert English speaking tour guide for entire journey. 6. Assistance on arrival and departure to and from airport.

TOUR FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE: 1. Airport or departure tax. 2. Inoculations or any other medical attention. 3. Airfare and other travel expenses from home to tour destination. 4. Passport and visa fees 5. Tips and gratuities to drivers, guides, and bellboys at hotels. 6. Excess baggage charges. 7. Any beverages, alcohol, or items of personal nature, such as laundry, telephone calls, cover charges, etc. 8. Gratuities and taxes for personal services and purchases. 9. Travel, accident, baggage, health, or life insurance. 10. Any increases in airfares, entrance fees and Government imposed taxes. 11. Expenses for guides or transportation not included in the itinerary. 12. Entrance fees to all monuments and museums visited on the Tour. 13. Still camera or video camera fees at the various monuments and museums. 14. Voluntary donations. 15. Most meals. 16. Anything not specifically mentioned in the itinerary.

CANCELLATIONS: All requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing. Those canceling their booking will forfeit their nonrefundable deposit. Also, they will be charged an additional cancellation fee as per the following schedule, no matter what the reason for cancellation: If the Tour is canceled 42 days before departure date, there will be a cancellation fee of 25%, 32 days before departure, cancellation fee of 50%, 22 days before departure, cancellation fee of 75%. There will be no refund if the Tour is canceled 16 days before departure or later. Regarding airline cancellations for airfare from participant's home: Tour participants are responsible to get their own refunds on their tickets from the airline carrier from which their ticket is issued. Some airline tickets might have penalties or surcharges for cancellation, or may be completely non-refundable. The Tour Organizers take no responsibility or liability for losses due to cancellations. There will be no refund for any participant who leaves the Tour prior to its conclusion, for whatever reason.

BAGGAGE: Most flights originating from the US have a 'two piece' limit for luggage - you can check two bags, and you pay extra per bag. This applies whether the flight is domestic within the US or international. Most flights that originate from outside the US have a weight limit for total checked baggage - 20kg/44lbs if you're traveling in coach class, 30kg/66lbs for business class and 40kg/88lbs for first class. If your luggage weighs more than your allowance, you'll be charged for each extra pound (or kilogram). Hand baggage is limitedto 3 kilos (6.6 pounds). All check-in baggage must be locked, as airlines will not be responsible for loss of any item in unlocked bags. Please note that in remote areas luggage may be carried on tarpaulin-covered roof racks or packed on donkeys. Weather and loading and unloading can cause more than usual wear and tear to luggage. Accordingly, all luggage should be capable of withstanding rain and rugged treatment. The Tour Organizers are not responsible or liable for any lost or damaged baggage or personal effects.

RESERVATION RESTRICTIONS: Any prospective participant with a disability, pre-existing medical condition, or medical history requiring special attention or treatment should advise the Tour Organizers at time of booking the reservation and are advised to consult with a medical specialist prior to reserving space on the Tour. People who are unable to travel alone or who would require special assistance or handling must be accompanied by a companion who will provide the required assistance. The Tour Organizers assume no responsibility for any such cases.

INSURANCE: All participants in the Tour are advised to get travel, medical, accident, cancellation, and baggage insurance independently. The Tour Organizers carry no insurance whatsoever for the Tour participants. Participants are advised to consult the following non-profit informational web site:

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS AND VISAS: All participants are required to have a valid passport with a valid visa. Incomplete documentation or visas will result in the airline and airport authorities refusing permission to enter the country. The Tour Organizers will not arrange for visas and will not be held liable for any irregularities caused due to improper documentation or visas. Passport and visa must be obtained in advance. Each participant is responsible for determining specific passport and visa requirements in the participant's country of origin and for obtaining the necessary documents prior to departure.

NATURE OF TOUR: Portions of the Tour may be considered rustic and rigorous and are best approached with a spirit of openness and adventure. Portions of the Tour may be at higher elevations or in remote locations, where there may be no telephones or means of rapid evacuation in case of emergency. Smoking is not permitted in buses and specific local restrictions must be followed. On some tours, participants should be prepared to walk at least 10 kilometers, at least 5 hours per day.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. All Tour participants should be healthy in mind and body and not have had surgery within the last six months. 2. Tour participants should visit a qualified Medical Doctor before leaving for trip to obtain the recommended vaccinations and procure whatever medicine their physicians prescribe. No vaccinations are required (but some are recommended) for travel to Malaysia or India (if not traveling from a country with a yellow fever warning). Many doctors will provide antibiotics or dysentery medicine to take on the trip, and participants should avail themselves of that opportunity. 3. All participants must have enough prescribed medication to last them for the duration of their stay, if undergoing any medical treatment or taking medication. 4. Anyone with a predisposition to impatience, complaining, or whining should not come on a Tour. 5. Even though Tour participants will often stay in 2 or 3 star hotels, these hotels are not as modern or luxurious as hotels in the West. Many accommodations in small villages, (such as Haridwar or Rishikesh,in India for example) are not of high quality. Summers can be very hot and air conditioning is not always an option. Likewise, in winter months, in case there are inadequate heat or provisions in the hotel room, Tour participants are advised to bring a sleeping bag or blanket, and towels. 6. The sanitary facilities on the Tour are often Western style toilets, but squat toilets are common. In either case assume no toilet paper will be available. If participants want toilet paper, they have to bring their own. 7. While in country, Tour participants must not drink any tap water, even to brush their teeth, or use ice to cool their drinks. They also must not eat any raw salads, raw fruits or raw vegetables. If Tour participants want to purify their drinking water, they can either bring a 220-volt heating coil for boiling water, or they can use water-purification tablets or a water purifier, which is available at any camping store. The Tour Organizers are not responsible for participants' health problems during or after the Tour. 8. Tour participants are warned that pickpockets abound in crowded areas, especially at the larger festivals. Therefore Tour participants are advised to leave all valuables in the hotel safe, including passport, credit cards, and other identifying papers. 9. Tour participants are advised to leave valuable clothing, precious jewelry, valuable papers, and all unnecessary items at home. 10. Clothing could get dirty and wrinkled and might get damaged, even when it is sent out to be laundered by the hotels. The Tour Organizers are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property during the Tour. 11. Tour participants may have to sit on the ground or on a mat. Chairs will not be provided. Participants are advised to bring their own cushion if they want one. 12. During the winter in India, many fires are burning and the atmosphere is often smoky, especially at night. Therefore, participants should take precautions to cover their mouths and noses with a scarf or to bring a surgical-type mask and wear it. 13. A powerful insect repellent containing DEET is essential to ward off disease-carrying mosquitoes during summer months. The Tour Organizers are not responsible for participants' health problems during or after the Tour.

FOREIGN EXCHANGE: as of December, 2011 (subject to fluctuation)
1 U.S. dollar = 0.7552 Euros
1 U.S. dollar = 3.1540 Malaysia Ringgits;
1 U.S. dollar = 45.8150 Indian rupees
1 U.S. dollar = 7.9675 Ukrainian Hryvnia
1 U.S. dollar = 1.4904 Turkish Lira
1 U.S. dollar = 493.225 CFA (African Francs)
1 U.S dollar = 1.7270 Brazilian Real

PHOTOGRAPHS/VIDEO RECORDING: Representatives of the Tour Organizers may be photographing and/ or videotaping the Tour. The Tour Organizers reserve the right to publish any such photographs and videotapes without obtaining further consent from any participant. Each participant releases The Tour Organizers and its representatives from any liability in connection with any such use of such photographs and video recordings.

RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE: The Tour Organizers reserve the right to accept, decline, or retain any person as a participant at the Tour at any time without liability and without any obligation to pay a refund or any other amount whatsoever. The Tour Organizers take no responsibility or liability for any participant who leaves the Tour prior to its conclusion or for any activity undertaken by any participant that is not included on the Tour itinerary.

WAIVER: The Tour Participant shall indemnify and hold Tour Organizers free and harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, injuries, and liabilities arising from or on account of the Tour Organizers' activities or omissions in connection with this Agreement, as well as the costs, including attorneys' fees, of defending against them. By signing this Tour Participant Agreement, the participant releases the Tour Organizers and its representatives from all responsibility and liability.


INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out completely (cut and paste) and email to

Each person traveling must fill out a separate form and submit it separately.

I, (full name on passport:) fully agree to the above TOUR PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT, posted at Dated (today's date:)

I am entirely responsible for my personal safety, health, and well-being during the Tour. I hold the Tour Organizers harmless for anything that might happen to me or to my possessions on this Tour. I understand that no health insurance or travel insurance is provided by the Tour organizers, and, if I wish to be insured, I have to do this myself. I have read and understand the Tour Participant Agreement above, posted at

Full Name on Passport:

Full Date of Birth:

Passport Number:

Passport Date of Issue: Expiration Date:

Passport Place and Country of Issue:

Billing Address:

City: State or Province: Zip or Postal Code: Country:

Area Code and Phone:

E-mail Address:

Age: Sex:

Smoker. Non-smoker. Vegetarian. Non-vegetarian.

Where did you find out about the Tour?


DEPOSITS: We take NO deposits. We only accept full payments. You are welcome to pay with any credit card via PayPal. You can then pay off your credit card in small amounts each month. Or you can pay in full with check or bank draft in US Dollars or by bank wire transfer.

DISCOUNT SPECIAL: Register Early: Tour fees will increase as departure dates approach.

EXTENDED TRIP OPTIONS: If you would like to extend your trip and visit other local points of interest or arrange further adventures, please email us with your proposal before departure.

AIR TICKETS: If you want Elite Personal Travels/Mondo World Adventures to arrange your flight, please answer the following questions:

Airport City, State, and Country that you will fly from:
Date that you want to arrive.
Date that you want to depart.
Coach, Business Class, or First Class.
Seat preference/meal preference.


You can make your full payment now with your credit card via PayPal.
Check, or money orders (in US dollars only) can be made out to: Howard Goldberg and posted to:


(You will be making the full payment at this time, which includes a non-refundable deposit. Please see the agreement form above regarding the non-refundable deposit, cancellations, refunds, and insurance.) Your non-refundable deposit is included in your tour fee.

If paying via Bank Wire transfer, we will send you the information via email. (Bank wire payments are only allowed for late registrations, made within one month of the tour date.

You will be met at the airport - at the arrival hall outside customs - and transferred to the Hotel. The driver will have a sign that says "ELITE PERSONAL TRAVEL SERVICES," or else a sign with your name on it. Please make sure we have your flight information, time and date of arrival and departure.

Elite Personal Travel Services/Mondo World Adventures will send you the hotel address and other contact information, including emergency phone numbers, via email.

Any questions/special requests?

Want to speak to us on the phone before registering?

Call and leave a message 24 hours a day: (626) 354 - 1839. We will call you back.

Or E-mail Us: