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Have you always wanted to travel to an exotic location, but felt uncomfortable going alone and were not happy going with a large organized tour? Are you a journalist or film-maker that prefers finding the story to finding a room, transportation, and local arrangements? Maybe you have other concerns such as being a single or pair of female travelers, a family with children, or a physically challenged but adventurous traveler.

We have a solution for you: A personal travel escort and guide.

What makes our service unique is that you completely determine the relationship with your guide. We can be as much or as little a guide or adviser as you feel is necessary. Constant travel companion or personal assistant, or someone who arrives ahead of you and makes all the arrangements behind the scenes (like the character "Brendan" in the film The Darjeeling Limited). We can meet daily, or we can communicate only by telephone or email. The relationship is up to you.

This is a hand tailored service. Whether you desire to stay in a $5 a night yurt or a $1500 a night 5-star hotel, we will make the arrangements, and we will make it easy for you. Are you interested in studying the sitar for a month by the banks of the Ganges, or learning about the local botany of Bhutan for an afternoon? We will make it happen.

My clients include women travelers concerned about their security, families with young children, and adults with physical challenges. We are also of service to businessmen who want to be working on their own business and not on the business of dealing with the local peculiarities. We are also of great use to film-makers, journalists, and photographers who are looking for the story, and don’t want to waste time with local challenges.

Unlike an organized tour, our mission is to provide an authentic experience that we will design with you. Our guides are adventurers and experts who take the traveling experience off the grid, eliminating such worries as travel related illness, theft and scams aimed at foreigners. As personal facilitators, we will take care of accommodations and transportation and we will work with you, if you desire, as a personal concierge. Our adventure companions will take care of all the details - whether you want to travel the Niger River to Timbuktu or the Sacred Ganges River at sunrise - or dine at the finest restaurant in Dubai - we will take care of all the details and guarantee a safe and thrilling experience.

Over the years we have amassed a great amount of knowledge and experience about how to travel without getting ill, how to avoid thieves and con artists, and how to assess what the real risks are (they're usually not what you would expect).

And - we will be there for you well before departure time with packing lists, advice on vaccinations and visas, local weather and local customs, as well as arranging transportation and hotel reservations as necessary.

We also offer small group adventure journeys. These are trips to the wildest and weirdest places or events in the world. Each trip is carefully designed for maximum impact for a select audience.

We also do brief personal consultations, usually with maps and photos, to prepare people who simply want to go on their own, but aren't sure what to bring, what to wear, and what to expect.

Many locations are possible.

Everything is possible.

Email me with questions or proposals.

Happy (and safe) Travels!

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