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All of our trips are hand selected and devised to be wildly entertaining and exotic and hand tailored to satisfy our interesting and creative clients. These are small group adventures and made for healthy and adventurous travelers. There are few restrictions and travelers are free to go off on their own or stay with the group as they please. Clients will be briefed beforehand about the local etiquette, dangers and annoyances, and about how to get the best from the experience.

Thaipusam Festival: The Thaipusam festival is one of the most colorful and interesting festivals on the planet. A perfect adventure for those that crave an unusual and exotic experience. Particularly great for photographers, film makers and body modification afficionados.

After a week of fasting and preparations, Hindu devotees gather for the Thaipusam festival to pay homage to Lord Muruga. Thousands of devotees converge at the Batu Cave amid raucous drumming and chanting, Some go into a deep trance in which they perform miraculous penances, stretching the boundaries of human endurance and pain: pushing skewers or needles through their tongues and cheeks; pulling ceremonial carts through the streets with hooks imbedded in their flesh; and carrying the 'kavadis' - ornate frames supported by metal spikes inserted in the bearer's body! These are big metallic frames, which can weigh up to 60 pounds. Vessels full of milk may also be hung onto the contraption, giving it extra weight.

This is a truly amazing sight. Tongues, cheeks and bodies pierced and skewered as they climb the 272 steps of the Batu Caves in fulfillment of their vows all without spilling a single drop of blood. These are not fakirs or curios in a carnival sideshow, but devotees inspired by real religious fervor and ecstasy.
Participant Thaipusam Festival, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Explore the old city of Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur (or simply KL), the capital of Malaysia and is located in a valley on the west coast of the Peninsula of Malaysia.

The city is a dramatic clash of old and new and appears to have sprouted organically from the sweaty vegetation and murky rivers that still snake through the heart of town. In KL, you can be skimming across town on the monorail past the soaring, record-breaking, Petronas Towers and shortly after find yourself wandering amidst the street stalls and crumbling architecture of an historic SE Asian city. There is even a forest reserve right in the heart of this fascinating city.

KL is also a wonderful shopping city and the prices are great for things like electronics and clothing. There are coffee shops on virtually every street and neon-lit nightclubs in the evenings.

The Batu Cave - a day trip from Kuala Lumpur, the Batu Caves house a Tamil-style Hindu shrine built in a massive 400 million year old limestone cave (that was uncovered by an American.) This is the focal point for the Thaipusam festival and is claimed to be a site of great energy. The climb of 272 steps is well worth it not only for the great view, the playful macaque monkeys, the bat filled caves, and the Hindu sculptures but to truly grasp the penance the devotees will pay when they ascend these stairs fully pierced and carrying the kavadis during the festival.

Penang - The “Pearl of the Orient,” Penang is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. It ranked as the second best destination among “44 Places To Go in 2009” in The New York Times and has long been regarded as the food capital of Malaysia. Penang is a fascinating fusion of modernity and old world charm.

Some of the most interesting sites on our visit here include: the Temple of Supreme Bliss, the Temple of 1000 Thieves, the pristine Pantai Kerachut beach and meromictic lake (a body of sea water and fresh water that do not mix), and The Tropical Spice Garden ( the only spice garden in South East Asia).


Taman Negara Park - one the oldest rainforests in the entire world and one of the world's most complex and rich ecosystems. It is well known for its absolutely pristine habitats and full spectrum of native animals, including the critically endangered Sumatran rhinos and (even more endangered) tigers. And - elephants, Malayan tapirs. muntjacs (barking deer), seladang (wild oxen), serows, sambars, mouse deer and wild pigs.

Also available within the park are night jungle walks and safaris (luminous plants and nocturnal animals), vine walkways through the jungle canopy, and cave exploration.

Negrito Batek Tribe - within the borders of the Taman Negara park, the Negrito tribe continues to gather wild food and hunt with blow-pipes as they have for countless generations. Experience the use of the blow-pipe (a silent weapon for hunting) and learn the secrets of making the poison darts.

Unique experiences: Among other things, the worlds most vile fruit - sold everywhere, but banned in almost all hotels and public transportation; and the fish spa - where you can receive a wonderful pedicure given in a spa by fish.
Travel in this part of the world is full of unpredictable events. This list comprises the most likely adventures we will encounter and is not a guarantee that all things will be available. Things will be added or removed due to the various exigencies of weather, time, local holidays, transport difficulties, etc. There may be an additional fee for some of these experiences. Accommodations will also vary depending on circumstances, but will mostly be 2-3 star comfortable lodging.


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