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The blue city of Jodhpur
All of our trips are hand selected and devised to be wildly entertaining and exotic and hand tailored to satisfy our interesting and creative clients. These are small group adventures and made for healthy and adventurous travelers. There are few restrictions and travelers are free to go off on their own or stay with the group as they please. Clients will be briefed beforehand about the local etiquette, dangers and annoyances, and about how to get the best from the experience.

Located on India’s shared Western border with Pakistan and dominated by the great Thar Desert, Rajasthan is one of the most consistently interesting destinations in India. Rajasthan is a non-stop adventure with such diverse sights as the pink city of Jaipur, the blue city of Jodphur, the Tiger reserves at Ranthambore, the holy town of Pushkar and the Rat Temple near Bikaneer. Our journey will encompass these sights as well as other, less visited but equally fascinating destinations.

This trip will include our own small vehicle with a driver, which will allow us easy access to sights not normally visited by tourists and the luxury of stopping whenever we please to dine, sightsee or stretch our legs.



Pushkar is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage city built around a holy lake. With its 400 white temples and 52 blue bathing ghats - and a non-stop parade of bathing, chanting pilgrims - Pushkar is truly a sensual feast.

The main street of this small city is a colorful bazaar where monkeys, cows, peacocks, and camels roam among the crowds. Being a holy city no alcohol, meat or eggs, and no public displays of affection are permitted.

The awesome Pushkar camel fair is when the various local tribes meet in Pushkar to celebrate and trade their camels.


Udaipur is a remarkably romantic city is overlooked by the grand Monsoon Palace and built around Pichola Lake and the island on which sits the Lake Palace. The Lake Palace is now one of the world’s finest luxury hotels and was made famous when it was featured prominently in the James Bond film Octopussy. This is a great city to explore on horseback and in a boat from the City Palace. Udaipur is also a center for arts, craft dance and miniature paintings.
The Shilpgram Festival, in the neighbouring crafts village of Shilpgram, is staged each December and lasts ten days. This festival highlights the embroideries, clothes, textiles and mirrors produced in this area and famous throughout India.


Jodhpur is Rajasthan’s famous blue city – the startling light blue color washed on the houses gives this city a wonderful exotic and calming feel. Set under the massive Mehrangarh Fort this city is truly a remarkable sight. With its winding streets and the stunning presence of the presiding fort, Jodphur is a favorite destination for most travelers.

The Marwar Festival celebrates the rich cultural legacy of Marwar (Jodhpur). This festival features regional folk artists, the great art of turban tying and a moustache competition.

The Rajasthan International Folk festival is held at the Mehrangarah Fort each year. Timed to coincide with the brightest full moon of the year in north India, this festival brings together more than 250 musicians and performing artists from across Rajasthan and from around the world


There are a number of traditional villages south of Jodhpur which can be visited only with a guide. Reached by jeep on an unmapped sandy desert path, one can meet the villagers and visit their handmade huts. The Bishnoi villagers are also renowned for their relationship with nature - made famous by the sacrifice of 363 villagers who were protecting a tree during the 18th century.


Jaisalmer is a breathtaking city built on a hill above the desert and known as the golden city. This exotic city looks like it came right out of the Tales of the Arabian Nights. Within the maze-like fort are seven amazing yellow sandstone Jain temples. This fort is currently considered of the most endangered monuments in the world as it is slowly collapsing. See it while you can.

Also popular in Jaisalmer are the combination jeep and camel safaris deep into the Thar Desert.


Far less touristed is the desert city of Bikaner. Many pilgrims come here to see the renowned Karni Mata Rat Temple where thousands of holy rats are worshipped as they are believed to be reincarnated local storytellers.


Kolayat is another town well of the tourist itinerary. Kolayat is a holy town set around a temple-ringed lake,

During the Kolayat Fair all the 52 ghats are beautifully decorated and illuminated giving an even more magical feel to the lake. On visiting the fair, you will also be able to witness the various rituals performed by the devotees.


Bundi is another town well off of the tourist trail but worth a visit. This is a small town with narrow lanes of blue houses, temples, bazaars, lakes and a fantastic palace overlooking the city. The nightly experience of witnessing the thousands of bats flying from the palace is alone worth the trip.

In November there is the Bundi Utsav, a cultural festival of music and fireworks. Likewise, in the nearby village of Bharodia on the day after Diwali, there will be a colorful festival honoring the Hindu god Ghans Bheru. This promises to be almost completely free of tourists.

Other Festivals:

The nine night Navaratri festival marks the triumph of good over evil, and also the motherhood of God. In the festival of "Nine Nights," Hindus across the globe worship the feminine form of the Supreme. This is considered a particularly auspicious time and feasts of great variety and delicacy are offered to guests and family during the nine days. For women, it is a time for shopping for new clothes and new pots. It is also an auspicious time to buy gold or jewellery and the gold markets are open late each night. Women dress elaborately each day for the puja or rituals and nightly dances.

The Indian army even takes a day during the Navarati festival to bless real weapons. On the ninth day all the weapons of the unit armory are decorated with flowers and displayed in a the center of the parade ground.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated throughout India.This is is the most popular of all the festivals in South Asia. It is a colorful occasion for celebrations by Hindus as well as Jains and Sikhs.


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