Elite Personal Travel Services


All of our guides have led very varied and interesting lives and have a variety of skills and information that they are willing to share.
All guides have spent a minimum of three years of their lives living, working or traveling in other countries. In addition the guides are all certified in basic first aid and self defense.

Guides will be placed depending on local experience and availability.

The cost of the guides will be determined by the length, location and demands of your particular journey.

Howard Goldberg:

Founder of Elite Person Travel Services / Mondo Travel Adventures©

I am an American citizen, a transplanted New Yorker residing in Los Angeles, and I have been traveling the world solo or as a guide for over 25 years. In that time I have been to some of the most difficult and interesting places on Earth.

I have spent months in Tibet before it was officially open for tourism and lived with the nomads, I have journeyed up the hippo infested Niger River to the lost city of Timbuktu and stayed with the Dogon and the Taureg tribes. I have even made an ill fated attempt to travel up the Congo River, by myself, in Zaire (Belgian Congo, now DR of Congo) to live with the Mbuti Pygmies (and stumbled into the Hutu-Tutsi massacre - we won't be doing that again.)

I have seen war, had to bribe corrupt soldiers and officials, confronted thieves, and suffered some wonderful tropical illnesses. I did it and learned from it so you won't have to.

My current specialty is the wonderful Indian subcontinent, where I have returned many times. I am focusing on India at the moment mainly because it is so magical and diverse and it has something for everyone - and also because it is a place that can be a serious challenge for anyone who is not prepared for it.

Meriç Ekren:

Meriç was born on the Greek island of Crete and lived in Turkey for twenty years. She caught the travel bug at seventeen on the way to a belly dancing competition in Sicily. Low budget as a student meant a four-day bus journey from Turkey through the Olympus Mountains of Greece and a ferry ride across the Dalmatian Sea. Since then, Meric has moved to London, and joined the corporate world, meanwhile exploring Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the US and South Asia.

She has rode on camels in the deserts of Syria, U.A.E. and Jordan, elephants with the long-necked Paduang tribe in Chang-Mai (Thailand), and horses in Scotland and Wales. She has surfed the waves of Bali, snorkeled in the Arabian and Andaman Sea, and sky-dived in Portugal.

Meriç has also experienced the Tomatina Festival (tomato throwing festival) of Spain, witnessed the 700th year celebrations of Rumi’s whirling dervishes in Konya-Turkey, and danced at the Exit Festival in Serbia, the Full Moon Festival of Thailand and the So Cliche Festival of Ljubljana.

And she has paid her traveler’s dues - She was robbed by gypsies in Transylvania (near Dracula's Bran Castle), she escaped a hotel fire in Canada, and - after missing the train back to Zurich - she spent a freezing night in a cave in the Alps. Not to mention the usual everyday challenges a woman traveler has to put up with.

As a guide Meriç specializes in Europe, Turkey and the Middle East - mainly Syria, Jordan, U.A.E. and Lebanon. Whether it is their magnificent history or music & art festivals, chic restaurants & bars, medieval churches & mosques, or adventure sports; Meriç will organize it for you in the most precise fashion and with an insiders perspective..

Peretz Partensky:

Peretz was born in the Western Siberian capitol of Yekaterinburg - a city famous for being the site of the only accidental
release of weaponized anthrax as well as the birthplace of President Boris Yeltsin. His family immigrated to the United
States in 1989 through a short stint in Austria and a long one in Italy. Peretz grew up near Boston, where restlessness stimulated
many travels. Currently, he lives in San Francisco where he recently completed a PhD in Biophysics at UCSF.

Peretz has volunteered at an archeological dig in Israel, spent a year studying in England, was scuba certified in Venezuela, stayed
up for 25 hours in Tokyo, galloped across the steppe in Inner Mongolia, attended a rave on the Great Wall of China, and watched the transformation of Beijing in preparation for the 2008 Olympics. He's trekked the Himalayas, rode elephants, and has kept an apartment in Nepal.

Peretz says: "I'm actively interested in the national projects of independent states emerging from the breakup Soviet Union, and have traveled through most. Recently, I drove across the Caucus, (Georgia and Azerbaijan) and ferried across the Caspian Sea to Central Asia. I learned the price of wives in Turkmenistan, befriended a wrestling champion in Uzbekistan, hunted with eagles in Kyrgyzstan, and successfully represented myself in court in Kazakhstan. I can talk my way out of bribes, function well in chaotic travel environments, and make a good travel buddy."

More bios coming soon...